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Personalized Necklace

💕 Pendant – These beautiful necklaces are ready to hold what means the most to you!     

💕 Hidden Image – Every necklace is professionally mounted with the picture of your choice. You can either look inside or shine a light through the necklace to project it for everyone to see!

💕 The Perfect Gift – The Heart Photo Necklace is a gift that everyone can love. Put in a picture of whatever means the most to you! Put a picture of your significant other, a loved one that's past, or your pet, follow your heart :)



• Pendant: 18mm x 13mm

•Chain: 16-18 inch, depending on where its fastened 

Choose your pendant type and upload the image of your choice into the "upload image" field. Make sure to grab a high quality image and make sure its cropped perfectly to fit everything you need!